Tuesday, 19 April 2016


Dear Friends, your quest for that ultimate soul-satisfying journey has brought you absolutely at the right place. The centre spear-headed by the renowned ‘Infertility Expert’..Dr Kuldeep Jain..showcase the right spirit and attitude towards serving the patients.

At KJIVF Centre (East Delhi) , you my dear friends come first. Your desires and decisions are given importance, to the extent that nothing, my dear friends, nothing is done without your explicit consent.
At each of these centres, you my dear friends , are guided through each of the steps involved. Your desires and decisions are always given top priority. There are no hidden costs involved. There are no third parties Involved. The doctor and you as a family, are the joint decision makers .Thus ensuring confidentiality , with zero chance of any error , your doubts and questions, are all dealt faithfully.

The motivation to face all the challenges of raising a family of your own starts from the moment when you step inside the KJIVF CENTRE. The first bold step that you have taken has landed you at precisely that place which would lead to the fulfilment of your heart’s desire. Look around the centres. Talk to the Doctor Himself. Never hesitate to clear your doubts. Never hesitate to see and judge for yourself the attitude, the zeal, the competence and the loving atmosphere which percolates all around you.

As a patient , you are free to ask and enquire about all the previous successful IVF induced pregnancies. If you see other patients waiting in the OPD, go and approach them. Talk to them. Find out what brought them to the Centre in the first place and what impels them to visit the Centre again and again.

So you have gone about enquiring about the IVF program being run at KJIVF CENTRE (EAST DELHI). Now how are you going to decide to take that final plunge? There are certain factors that you must keep in mind. The first and foremost is the ‘cost factor’. The centre must be able to give you a clear-cut picture of the total cost involved with additional break-ups added at each stage of the procedure.
Here, in this place, you will find no hesitancy from the staff to give you detailed cost-sheet involved. This is before you even decide to register here


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