Friday, 22 January 2016


How often has life seemed like an insurmountable journey, with no avenues for its redemption? How often does the void left in one’s life feel like a burden to be borne with no help at hand?
When all the wealth and health bestowed upon us, feel unable to hold the family together; then and only then my dear friends must you seek help from the best.
Life is God’s greatest gift to all humanity. Man may have achieved great heights in all fields of knowledge, but when it comes to creating a new life; can we really control the outcome of a desired mating?
We smile in gratitude and joy overflows in our families when without our active intervention, the bundle of joy arrives in our hand.
But what should we do , when apart from the best of our efforts, we are not able to welcome the little one in our life?
Should we take it as our fate? Should we let it be, thinking that it must be our ‘kismat’?
Or should we take charge of our lives and seek medical help to fulfill our desires?

Recent advances in medical science have come to the aid of couples who have not been able to conceive through natural conception. The huge stride taken in this field has opened an immense door to fulfill the desire of parenthood for all and sundry. Now, how has this been achieved? What all avenues are there for couples who want help? How are all these scientific methods applied? It is but natural for you to look for some knowledge and guidance, before taking the big leap.

When nature acts like a spoil-sport, medical science has found a way out of the loop hole. The way forward, is through the means of ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION VIA ASSISTED REPRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGY.

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) involves several types of medical treatment designed to result in pregnancy. Types of ART include in vitro fertilization (IVF), gamete into fallopian transfer (GIFT), zygote intra fallopian transfter (ZIFT), embryo cryopreservation, embryo donation, and gestational carries.

In vitro fertilization is a highly sophisticated, meticulously timed procedure, which involves removing a ripened egg or eggs from the female's ovary, fertilizing it with semen, incubating the dividing cells in a laboratory dish and then replacing the developing embryo in the uterus at the appropriate time.

The success and availability of IVF has raised the hopes of many infertile couples who have not been able to conceive because of infertility associated with not only blocked or absent fallopian tubes but also male infertility and many other causes.

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